How much do you wheels cost?
Please visit our Product Range for pricing.

Why should I buy your wheels?
If you’re building your first trike and finding it hard to get wheels, we have everything you need. We make our own wheels, stub axles and we have fitted bearings too. We’re your one stop shop with the best wheel on the market.

But I already have a trike with wheels?!
You were like us once… you have been drift triking for a while and find that other wheels/combinations aren’t keeping up with your drift triking, we think this is the time to build another trike and use EZY Slider wheels, stubs and bearings and start having as much fun as us as we’ve been testing non-stop to find the perfect recipe!

Why do you have two thicknesses?
We have two thicknesses as some customers just want to try our product out to make sure they like it, so we make a 6mm thick wheel for these people. The 12mm thick wheels are for hard core trikers who know we make the best product and want the best value.

How long do our wheel last?
Because our wheels are used on so many different surfaces it’s hard to give an accurate answer.

What are your wheels made from?
We have a secret recipe of Polyethylene (PE) that we have developed over the last eight months, and we’re still trialing new compounds all the time.

Why don’t you sell other compounds?
When we started drift triking we used PVC but found that it had so little grip that it was unsafe. We had a close call and now choose to only use and sell high grip compounds.

Why do you sell two types of bearings?
We sell quality SKF bearings for the trikers that are looking for premium products, but that’s not always needed so we also offer a low cost bearing.

Do my bearings fit in all your wheels?
Yes your first set of bearings are interchangable with all EZY Slider wheels

Do all your wheels fit on the original stub axles?
Yes all our wheels fit on your first set of EZY Slider stub axles.

Do the bearings fail?
From our 8 months of testing we have never seen a bearing fail, we sell a bearing removal tool and fitting tool.

How green is your product?
At EZY Slider we care about the environment, that’s why we offer to take back your old wheels and recycle them into truck mudguards and atv tool boxes.